Greensboro’s Village Tavern Gets an Update

Scott Richardson points out the marble atop the bar at Village Tavern in Greensboro. It’s imported from Italy, he says, and the same material Michelangelo carved David from. It’s durable, but the creamy, white stone is also warm. It’s inviting.

“And it’s authentic,” Scott says. “A lot of people use synthetic surfaces. But I didn’t want that. I wanted Italian Carrara marble, the real deal, the substance of sculptors.”

It speaks to the experience he wants diners to have—one that doesn’t cut corners, employs the finest ingredients and makes a good impression.

Scott, founder of Village Tavern, commissioned a renovation of the dining room in his Greensboro restaurant earlier this year.

He started the first Village Tavern in 1984 at Reynolda Village in Winston-Salem and opened the Greensboro eatery in 1989. He runs 10 Village Taverns in six states today.

Menu specialties include shrimp and grits with applewood smoked bacon and gruyere, a Cajun-style fettuccine with jumbo scallops and Andouille sausage and grilled meatloaf with a mushroom Madeira sauce.

The menu also includes burgers, steaks, flatbreads and a variety of appetizers.

We spoke with him recently about his business and the Greensboro location’s renovations.

How would you describe the new look?

It creates an exciting and warm and natural ambiance that matches our concept and our menu. But it’s also very clean and current in its design. It’s an upscale but casual atmosphere. It’s not stuffy. You feel very comfortable in there.

Why did you think it was time for an update?

After all these years, we just felt it was time for a total renovation, something new. We brought in an architectural firm, Aria out of Chicago, and we created the vision of what we wanted to project. We actually closed down for five weeks. It was quite an investment, not just in bricks and mortar. We continued to pay all of our staff. We have an extremely competent staff, and we wanted to take care of them.

Why did you think this was a wise investment?

We were sort of on the northern periphery of Greensboro when we opened. Most all of the development north of us came after we were there. But we’ve always done well there. And this renovation project was a commitment to Greensboro and a commitment to all those patrons that have been with us since 1989.

What distinguishes you from other restaurants?

Virtually everything in the restaurant is made from scratch—all the soups, desserts, dressings, sauces. And we buy everything fresh. My philosophy has always been to buy the very best food and give guests a good portion for a fair price.

1903 Westridge Road, Greensboro, North Carolina, 336.282.3063,

"This renovation project was a commitment to Greensboro and a commitment to all those patrons that have been with us since 1989."