Local Clothiers Show Off Some of Their Hottest Looks for Fall

Aspen Boutique

Jaime Hall’s storefront looks like no other in downtown Greensboro.

Bright pink, it resembles a big frosted dessert. It catches the eyes of motorists driving by. It’s inviting. And it’s stylish.

The store, Aspen Boutique, carries women apparel along with a wide variety of jewelry and home decor accessories.

“I thought about doing black and white,” says Jaime, who opened the shop earlier this year. “But there are so many businesses in town that have black-and-white fronts. And I was at the paint store, was eyeing this color and came back with a bunch of pink. It’s a really happy color, really brightens up downtown.”

Jaime has been in Greensboro since 2007, having moved to the area from Wyoming to study in the Consumer, Apparel and Retail Studies program at UNCG. Before opening her shop in March, she worked for VF Corporation and Fruit of the Loom.

“I try to get things that you can’t really find anywhere else in Greensboro, or even in North Carolina,” she says.

Worth New York

Ashley Staton Scott, a local seller and stylist for Worth New York. She has been with the clothing company for seven years.

Ashley Staton Scott had worked in retail for about 30 years, including 17 for a local boutique. In 2011 she started working with Worth New York, which sells its wares through consultants like her. She is one of about 1,200 stylists who work with the company. Her products are available online and at her home shows. For more information, visit WorthNewYork.com/Ashley-Staton

“We work hard but most importantly, we have fun,”  she says. “It’s a unique way to connect with women. We make fashion personal.”

Kriegsman’s Furs and Outerwear

David Kriegsman sits at the helm of the business which was founded by his father and uncle in 1928.

Kriegsman’s sells ready-to-wear and bespoke fashions and accessories. Its onsite atelier is staffed with master craftswomen and men who repair and restyle old furs and design and manufacture fur, cashmere, leather and fine fabric coats.

“That’s what makes us different from everybody else in town,” David says. “We actually make fur coats here. There is nobody else around here doing what we do.” 

A video at the company website, KriegsmansFurs.com, shows how the business can transform outdated, neglected furs into contemporary fashion to fit any lifestyle. 

“That’s what makes us different from everybody else in town. We actually make fur coats here. There is nobody else around here doing what we do.”


Aspen Boutique

Look 1: Tunic with two-tiered bell sleeves and shoulder embroidering, $54; skinny jeans, $54; tortoiseshell resin earrings, $22; silver mantra bracelet, $22. Aspen Boutique

Look 2: A-line short-sleeved striped dress, $48; cut-off denim jacket, $54; deerskin tassel earrings, $44. Aspen Boutique

Kriegsman’s Furs

Look 3: Cat lynx vest

Look 4: Sheared sculptured reversible mink jacket

Worth New York

Look 5: 100 percent leather digital print cropped length slate blue python jacket; black pleated Anderson pant

Look 6: Black reversible front-to-back tank; white wool straight leg Melbourne pant; black silk fringed cold shoulder blouse