Test Kitchen 1

Nikki Miller-Ka, Culinary Blogger of Nik Snacks, Shares Some of Her Go-To Cooking Tools

If you partake in the Triad foodie culture to any extent, then at some point you’re sure to cross paths with local culinary celebrity and writer Nikki Miller-Ka. When she isn’t blogging or testing recipes from her home base in Winston-Salem, you can find her out and about, reviewing restaurants, teaching and promoting local food at one the many Triad farmers markets or serving as a tour guide with Taste Carolina Gourmet Food Tours. She writes (and bites!) about local and regional restaurant trends, food organizations, food producers and everything culinary on her blog, Nik Snacks, and her bimonthly Casual Dining column in the Greensboro News & Record.

 “What I find special about Greensboro is how welcoming it is to international cuisine. It’s really a wonderful little haven for food from all over the world. It’s amazing,” she says.

That appreciation is reflected in her own leanings, which she describes as, “progressive Southern, inspired by global influences.”

Nikki worked hard to achieve what she calls her “food cred.” After achieving an undergraduate degree in English from ECU, she went onto the Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Miami, and from there, worked as a catering chef, pastry chef, butcher, baker and biscuit maker. She continues to be a local and vocal go-to resource for reflections and insights on food.

Nikki stepped away from her busy schedule to share some of the cooking tools she finds indispensable in her test kitchen.

“If you played Deserted Kitchen Island: Essential Tools Edition, these items would make life easier as well as upgrade anyone’s culinary prowess from to novice to professional,” she says.

Find Nikki online at @niksnacks and NikSnacksOnline.com.

1. Heat-resistant spatula, Essential Ingredient

2. Truffle salt, Savory Spice Shop

3. 6-quart stock pot, Essential Ingredient
4. 6inch Global Santoku knife, Williams-Sonoma
5. Pampered Chef garlic slicer
6. Gotham Steel non-stick copper cookware

7. Viva paper towels