Dr. Shawn Dalton-Bethea Uses a Nonsurgical Approach to Treat Injuries and Promote Optimal Aging

Dr. Bethea speaks of a minimally invasive approach to treating patients.

“It’s pretty neat seeing how this simple approach can make the difference. People don’t always need aggressive treatments.”

Dr. Bethea is the founder of Greensboro Rejuvenation, an integrative health and wellness practice that specializes in regenerative medicine, using platelet-rich plasma (PRP), stem cells and other natural methods for wellness. Her practice takes a non-operative, non-opioid approach, with the focus on her patients’ overall long-term health.

Greensboro Rejuvenation also offers natural hormone replacement therapy, natural weight loss and nutritional IV supplementation.

A Thomasville native, Dr. Bethea grew up in High Point and Greensboro before her family relocated to West Virginia. She returned to the Tar Heel State in 1992. As a medical student at East Carolina University, she wanted to be a surgeon, and after graduating in 2001, completed her general surgery internship in Syracuse, N.Y.

“I loved the operating room but hated the schedule,” she says. “Then I had the opportunity to work with physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians. They said, ‘You can still do procedures outside the operating room and have a good quality of life.’ That’s when I switched career tracks.”

In 2005, she completed her PM&R residency as chief resident at Sinai Hospital (University of Maryland) in Baltimore. Dr. Bethea is also fellowship trained in interventional spine and joint pain management and worked for a neurosurgical practice for three years before opening her own practice in Reidsville. In 2014 she moved that practice to Greensboro.

Platelet-rich plasma treatment, a natural procedure using the patient’s own blood, is one of the more rewarding services Dr. Bethea offers her patients. It is recommended for healing damaged or injured tissues. PRP involves drawing blood from a patient, spinning it in a centrifuge, and extracting the plasma and platelets from the whole blood, which are injected back into the painful, injured areas, on the same day.

“We have witnessed pain and numbness in the arms or legs resolve, as well as weakness,” she says. “PRP treatment is something that’s going to continue to gain more ground.”

One of her patients, Ann Hardee of Greensboro, a 69-year-old yoga instructor and real estate agent, agrees.

“Dr. Bethea evaluated my injury and injected PRP in February 2017. I felt immediate relief, and over the next eight weeks, the pain completely disappeared. I would repeat this treatment again and again over surgery if the pain ever returned. I have recommended this treatment to others as an amazing alternative to surgery,” she says.

What Dr. Bethea says she likes most about her work is “seeing a patient function completely restored with the least aggressive treatment approaches.”

“Some patients have come to us with profound arm or leg neurologic weakness. These patients were adamant that they did not want to undergo surgical intervention.” she says. “To see that regenerative medicine works with this critical population of patients is something I really enjoy. PRP treatment is pretty impressive.”

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