The Unsung 1931 Bentley 4-Liter

This open-top 1931 Bentley 4-Liter is one of 50 ever made and one of only 31 surviving. Incentivized by numbers and born from a last-ditch effort, this was the last model built by W.O. Bentley himself before his company went into receivership and turned over to Rolls-Royce.

Building cars bigger and bigger, both in size and capacity, it was atypical for Bentley to backtrack to the smaller engine. The 120 horsepower 4-liter was placed on top of the 8-liter chassis and thus, underperformed. Today, many of the surviving chassis, such as this one, are equipped with 6.5- or 8-liter engines. 

As of 10 years ago, Kurt Furger took ownership and has completed 25,000 miles, including the Colorado Grand nine times, a trek he says requires “strong arms and shoulders to wheel through the hairpins” on mountain roads. Currently, the car is on the annual North American vintage Bentley tour, specifically special due to Bentley’s centenary this year.