Journey Through the Greensboro Science Center

As the saying goes, “We borrow the Earth from our children.” The Greensboro Science Center provides more than just a place to entertain our children by creating a vast variety of interactive exhibits where we can all explore, learn and play. From the moment you step foot inside, you should be prepared for adventure. There are varying paths you can take, none leading the wrong way. 

We started our journey in the Color Maze. The maze highlights the science of color and light by offering interactive play stations such as with shadow puppets, light illusions and a true maze offering colorful twists and turns along the way.

Outside in the zoo, you are able to crawl through tunnels to find meerkats standing watch, find crocodiles sunning themselves and gibbons swinging across their exhibit. Farther down into the zoo, you will find a family of maned wolves as well as the future home of new Malayan tigers, which are said to be part of a breeding program.

Upon walking back from the zoo, if you look up overhead, you might just catch a glimpse of SKYWILD participants making their way through the trees. SKYWILD is the Science Center’s creative take on furthering the human understanding of animal behavior. By constructing an interactive treehouse-style course, participants are inadvertently utilizing animalistic behaviors a well as getting a killer workout to make it through the course.

In addition to the wild animals in the zoo, the Science Center offers hands-on fun in the friendly farmyard. There, your little ones can pet goats and sheep, see a loose chicken or two and maybe even meet a peacock. You can play in the farmhouse and learn all sorts of fun facts about the animals from their keepers. 

Once back inside, you can venture more into the museum and learn about the weather, like lightning and winds from a hurricane. Then take a trip through the Prehistoric Passages, where you have the opportunity to see life-size dinosaur bones and even take a chance in the interactive dinosaur petting area.

Coming out of the Passages, you will find the SciPlay Bay, the perfect place to cool off and let your little adventurers explore. From the shipwreck to the submarine, imaginations run wild! 

Just across the entrance lies the indoor aquarium. A few of our favorite features were the fun-loving otters and hungry penguins. We had made it just in time for the penguin feeding! We made our way through tanks of extremely colorful fish and simply had to do every interactive wall-game there was. 

A stingray touch tank offers you the opportunity to touch rays, skates and even small sharks. We smiled and laughed as the stingrays came up to the surface just waiting to be touched. Then we made our way to the shark tank. There’s just something about little boys and a fascination with sharks. We stayed for the keeper’s talk and learned about the benefits of sharks’ strict eating schedule.

From there, we found our way downstairs and learned about tarantulas, snakes and more. After spending the day there, I’m positive we have barely touched the surface of what Science Center has to teach us.

The Science Center is already proving to be a major player in the community’s economic impact, bringing in $77 million annually. Plans for expansion, renovation and forward thinking were announced in mid-June. In the coming days, the carousel will be up and running, and groundbreaking on the Science Center’s future Revolution Ridge will take place.