Because Practice is the Best of All Instructors

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” –Tim Notke

The goal with practice is not to stop once you get it right but to practice until you can no longer get it wrong. Practice provides you with the ability to compete against yourself, the ability to elevate your own play and provide the daily inspiration to be better than you were the day before.

Children are the most impressionable among us. Its when we are young that we have most of our beliefs instilled us, and when we should look to instill beliefs in our own children. If we teach our children the value of practice and hard work when they are young, we set them up for a lifetime of success.

To be great at any sport, you should put in roughly 30 minutes of practice every day. This week, Gabriel is working on skills. The best thing about a skills workout is the ability to do them virtually anywhere. 

1. Pull-Back 

This skill is executed by placing the bottom of the foot on top of the ball and rolling it backward. The objective is to quickly reverse and change direction.

2. Step-Over

Essentially, “the fake,” this move is intended to trick a defensive player into believing the offensive player is moving in a direction they are not.

3. Scissor

One of the most common fake-out techniques from tots to pros, scissors are executed by rotating a foot around the ball in one direction while utilizing the other to push the ball in the opposite direction.

4. Step-Outside

You utilize your whole body in an attempt to trick your opponent into going one direction while you push the ball with the outside of your foot in the opposite direction.