This is Autumn. Autumn is 8 years old and loves caring for and helping others as much as she can. When asked the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, she replied, “Surgeon!” without hesitation. She says she wants to change lives by helping them when they need it most. She also says that getting to see the inside of the human body really interests her as well as simply being “really cool.” She currently enjoys reading about the human body and looks forward to learning more in her future biology classes as she grows older.

Five Facts About Surgeons

1. Surgeons have to go to school for a really long time—at least 10 years!

2. Surgeons can choose from a number of specialties, including pediatrics, orthopedics, plastics, cardiothoracic and more.

3. The competition level amongst surgeons and the varying specialties is very high.

4. Surgeons often work in pairs and/or groups in order to make it through “long-haul” surgeries.

5. It is not uncommon for surgeons to work more than 60 hours a week.

Gabriel is a 6-year-old superhero, speed-loving little boy! Although there are many great superheroes to choose from, when asked what he would like to be when he grows up, he said the Flash. When asked why, he said he wants to be the fastest person in the world and even faster than a racecar. If he were the Flash, he believes he would be able to meet the rest of the superheroes, including his “real” favorite, Batman. He wants to be able to get ice cream from all over the world in a matter of seconds, and he says he would enjoy being able to race around the world helping people with his “superspeed superpowers.”

Five Facts About The Flash

1. The Flash’s nickname is Scarlet Speedster. 

2. Green Lantern is his best friend.

3. He likes to race with Superman even though most of their races end in a tie.

4. His archenemy is Captain Cold. Captain Cold has a freeze gun, which gives him the ability to slow down or stop Flash.

5. Flash moves so fast that he is able to not only pass through time but also into other dimensions and parallel worlds.

This is Sarah. Sarah is 10 years old and loves the outdoors. When Sarah was asked what she wanted to be when she grows up, she said she would love to be a meteorologist. She believes it would be really interesting to be able to predict the weather in order to better aid others for what to wear and what to expect. Sarah also has a fascination with storms. She would love to learn what causes them, how they form and the ability to be able to track them. Being the person who warns the community about an upcoming and dangerous storm would mean a lot to her, as they would be able to get to seek shelter and get to safety.

Five Facts About Meteorologists

1. Meteorologists are weather scientists.

2. They use many tools that allow them to do their job every day, including weather balloons, satellite and radar images from space, and weather stations on land, in the sea and the sky.

3. Meteorologists predict the weather by researching past and current atmospheric weather patterns.

4. Most meteorologists work for the United States government, but they can also work on TV.

5. You too can be a meteorologist if you love math and science.

This is Matthew. Matthew is 5 years old and loves to play all types of sports. His favorite sport is basketball. When asked what he would like to be when he grows up, it came as no surprise when he replied “a basketball player.” His favorite player is Miami Heat’s point guard, Dwayne Wade. Matthew hopes to be as good at basketball as Wade. Matthew sats he would love to be a basketball player because then “thousands of fans would cheer him on as he plays, and that would be cool.” He says he would also love to use his popularity as a player to help out different charities or people in need.

Five Facts About Basketball

1. The first basketball hoops were made out of peach baskets.

2. Basketball was played using a soccer ball until 1929.

3. Slam-dunks were illegal for nine years.

4. The positions of players in a basketball game are as follows: point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward and center.

5. Players have to be at least 19 years old to qualify for the NBA draft, even though Kobe Bryant was only 17 when he entered the NBA.