Chasing Waterfalls

In 1936, 3,096 acres of land was donated to the state of North Carolina from the Stokes County Committee for Hanging Rock and the Winston-Salem Foundation, thus allowing for Hanging Rock State Park to be established. Many of the facilities in the park were constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps or CCC, a work relief program that gave millions of unemployed,…

When Life Gives You Pineapples

Pina coladas were made for summer! The icy blend of pineapple and coconut flavors provide a cocktail fantastic for cooling off on those hot summer days. With few ingredients and little measuring, this cocktail comes together in no time at all.  

Throttle Up

With endless possibilities and absolutely no compromise, everything that has made Chaparral's wildly popular H2O Series the talk of the waterways gets bigger and better with the 21 H2O Sport.

A City Guide for Every Guy

 The Dad: City Lake Park  Whether young or old, when you think of Dad and what he likes to do, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? If yours is anything like mine, either naps, grilling or fishing were inevitably a couple of the first thoughts you had.  Alone or together with their mini-me crews, City Lake Park offers something…

From Greensboro to Coachella

On a balmy Friday morning, Ernie Gilbert sat stuck in L.A. traffic, his mind elsewhere. He wondered if he’d have fast enough internet when he arrived in San Bernardino, where hip-hop artist Childish Gambino was rehearsing for Coachella. Ernie, a director and editor, would need to send footage back to the city, and his head filled with questions about what…

The Last Car by W.O. Bentley

This open-top 1931 Bentley 4-Liter is one of 50 ever made and one of only 31 surviving. Incentivized by numbers and born from a last-ditch effort, this was the last model built by W.O. Bentley himself before his company went into receivership and turned over to Rolls-Royce.

Train Like a Pro

Shaun Canoy has worn many hats within the fitness world, his most recent as a personal trainer and professional posing coach. Before that, his time in the gym was dedicated to training for kickboxing fights. He continued down an undefeated path for three years before pursuing natural bodybuilding. There, he found success again becoming a top-ranked national pro. From there,…

Dressed for Success

 Dana LeBlanc  Dana LeBlanc Designs, Post Queen  How did you create Dana LeBlanc Designs?

GRAWL: Women’s Arm Wrestling for a Cause

It all started with a simple thought co-founder Rachel Scott had. She began recruiting others who shared the same philanthropic spirit she has for helping women of all ages. Amongst those she recruited were co-founders Amanda Lehmert and Meagan Albert. GRAWL—the Greensboro Arm Wrestling League—was born. There was “never any consideration for this to be a for-profit enterprise,” Amanda says, but instead…

Coffee + Tea = A Perfect Match

Open since 2014, Vida Pour Tea is more than just a teahouse. And owner Sarah Chapman is more than just a tea sommelier. This UNCG alum is known for her sense of what people need to fulfill their cups. She uses a question-and-answer process to help customers find the right teas for whatever ails them. Starting dialogues with customers helps…